Day 10        Reeth to Catterick Bridge

14 miles          Fair and improving

This was a lovely walk with more variety than yesterday's.  Our tired legs had improved and Carole said hers no longer felt as if they could bend through 360 degrees in any direction!

Leaving Reeth

Must be tough here on a Friday night!

Walking towards Marrick Priory

It was damp when we started walking at 9.30am, but was to steadily improve as the day went on.  We walked out of Reeth on a pretty riverside path then returned to the road.  We passed Marrick Priory, now an outdoor centre and paused at their tables to remove our waterproof leggings.

Straight after leaving the old priory we climbed sharply through woods on an ancient flagged path known as 'the Nunnery Steps', and this was easier than climbing on wet mud.

Pet lambs

Marrick Priory, let's get these waterproofs off!

The Nunnery Steps

Strong smell of aniseed from Sweet Cicely

We entered fields for the next couple of miles, crossing numerous stiles before descending to a road and following it steeply down to Marske.  We had been walking for about 6 miles by this time and I was pleased to see a sign at the Church of St Edmunds in Marske, advertising refreshments.

We walked up to the church and looked round before purchasing a couple of Snickers Bars and sitting on a bench to enjoy a coffee from our flasks.

A sign put up by a friendly farmer

Field paths

New sign!

The friendly Church of St Edmunds

Coast to Coast bounty

We walked out of Marske following the road and soon after turned off at a C2C sign to climb steeply to a white cairn with Applegarth Scar, which we had been eyeing for quite a while, towering behind.

Applegarth Scar

Me at the cairn

We followed the path through Whitecliffe Wood where we paused to scan the trees after hearing a tapping sound, not drilling like a woodpecker.  Eventually I saw the bird responsible tapping at a branch, it was small with a black cap and an amber chest and we now know it to be a nuthatch.

Tired out

I send Carole on to negotiate our passage...

Approaching Whitecliff Wood

An easy road led us down into Richmond where a kind gentleman took us on the scenic route through fine Georgian houses into the town centre.  Here we found a nice tea room and settled down to tea and scones, our fuel of choice.

Richmond below

Walking through Richmond

Refreshed, we crossed Richmond Bridge and went round the rear of the old railway station, now a centre with cafe and cinema, to pick up a cycle track.  We left this and passed the sewage works, no smell at all, through woods, then fields and now very happy walkers in the sunshine.  

Past the sewage works, follow the C2C

Waterfall into the Swale

We arrive at St Giles Farm!

We spotted our accommodation for the night at St Giles Farm and were charmed by a piece of slate with a message welcoming The Fosters and a glossy black labrador bringing an old shoe as a present.  We were settled on a comfy sofa with tea and cakes and told the plans for dinner, which sounded lovely - and was!