Day 6     Bampton Grange to Orton

13.8 miles              Torrential rain

We left Bampton Grange to rejoin the Coast to Coast Path near Rosgill.  As we walked along the road we startled a hare which ran off, staying on the road in front of us until it disappeared over a hill in the distance.

Leaving our B&B, Bampton Village Store, Post Office and Tea Room!

Soon we left the road and entered fields, passing the ruined Shap Abbey, with some distance still to walk before reaching the village of Shap.  On arrival we were very pleased to find the Abbey Teashop, somewhat detached from its namesake.  We were dripping wet and muddy and very grateful to the staff for making us welcome.  We ordered large coffees and scones, which we hoped would keep us going until Orton.

Shap Abbey

Back on the road the appalling weather had taken a turn for the worse.  It was like walking inside a wind tunnel while hosepipes were trained on you.  Our waterproofs gave up the ghost and I felt water running on the inside of my leggings.

We turned off the High Street and crossed a footbridge over the Trans-Pennine railway line, then made our way over fields to cross the M6, again by means of a footbridge.  We were blasted by the wind as we crossed the road and were grateful not to be on a Lakeland mountain!

Unfortunately the easterly wind was against us all day, making the long moorland crossing pretty challenging.  I kept my camera as secure as possible in its bag and took very few photographs, disappointed not to be able to photograph the best of the limestone pavements with their almost coral-like structure.  Carole was fascinated by the tiny ferns and plants growing within their crevices.

Our path was a little boggy across Ravenstonedale Moor

A bit of limestone pavement

Carole keeps smiling - just!

Our boots were full of water and it was hard to be cheerful but we came to a fence where a pair of extremely white Y-fronts had been tacked up, bearing the legend C 2 C, which really made us laugh.

A brief sign!

We shelter for a while

Orchids on the moors

After several miles we reached a road, crossed more fields and briefly found ourselves on the B6260 before taking a field track again which led us into Orton.  We passed the chocolate factory and went to the local cafe for a late lunch, then to the pub to book a table for dinner.   In the pub we were delighted to see the Fundraisers.  They were astonished to hear we had come over the top, which they had decided wasn't safe in this weather.  They had walked the whole stage by road.  After swapping horror stories we left them at the pub and our paths never crossed again.

Field paths to Orton

The rain eases as we arrive

The Fundraisers

We found our B&B, Chestnut Garth, where after a bluff welcome (who can blame them?) we were given newspaper to stuff in our boots and the use of an airing cupboard to dry our gear.

As we got ready for dinner I discovered that water had penetrated my supposedly waterproof camera bag and my camera was showing a flickering pink screen when turned on.  I removed batteries and SD card and let it gradually dry out and two days later I was mightily relieved that it was back in working order.