Day 4                  Grasmere to Patterdale

7.8 miles                      Heavy Rain

I got out of bed to feel an ache around the offside of my ankle bone, almost certainly the result of my heroic leap across the stream yesterday, and limped down to breakfast feeling apprehensive.

Breakfast at Glenthorne was a social event where we sat together with others at large tables and made small talk.  It was, however, an uneasy affair for Carole and I as we knew that any pain felt now would likely be much worse on the trail.  Was this the end of our Coast to Coast?

We booted up and set off, it was no use, my ankle felt very tight and sore.  I talked glumly about getting a bus home but Carole insisted we give it a day and see how I felt tomorrow.  This was only 7 miles out of 190 and we have walked it several times before and could return and walk it again.

We could have traveled with the luggage but decided to fill our day by getting a bus to Windermere, where we could spend an hour or two, then another bus to Patterdale and this is what we did.

We arrived at the White Lion to find the Birthday Boys, the Aussies and the Five Timers in the bar. We joined them and confessed our omission and listened to their adventures with envy.  They told us that Big Pack Man Keiran had fallen and cut his arm on yesterday's walk.  This must have been later in the day after we had gone on ahead.  Also yesterday, an American walker had successfully negotiated the days walk across Easdale only to slip off a kerb and break his ankle as he entered Grasmere.  How infuriating for him.

We spent a quiet evening, worrying about what the next day might bring, at least the weather forecast was better, promising a 24 hour interlude before the next rain arrived.